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How do I order?

Messung Schweif 1. Measure the length (see the sketch)
2. Dressage or show jumping horse?
3. If your horse is a Sorrel or Gray we will need a strand of your horse’s hair as a color sample.
4. Preferably send us photos of your horse so the proportions of the toupee can be better determined.
5. The attachment of the toupee is completely invisible and can be easily covered up. Since our toupees are made from real horse hair they can be washed and cared for just like the rest of your horse’s hair

  Please send the sample of the original tail hair to the following address: :

A. Trahe Nales
Hohenfriedeberger Str. 32
46325 Borken, Germany

The instructions on the attachment of the toupee are included in the package with the final product.

We are always available under the following phone number:

+49 2861 3762
Fitting of the toupee is possible after a phone call or at any of the events we are present at (see Events).

After your order has been received, we send you our bank details. As soon as the payment is credited, your order will be immediately sent to you
including the bill for our services.